Program Name Program Tag Description
Accounting and Related Services

A program that prepares individuals to practice the profession of accounting and to perform related business functions.

Includes instruction in accounting principles and theory, financial accounting, managerial accounting, cost accounting, budget control, tax accounting, legal aspects of accounting, auditing, reporting procedures, statement analysis, planning and consulting, business information systems, accounting research methods, professional standards and ethics, and applications to specific for-profit, public, and non-profit organizations.

Administrative Assistant

A program that generally prepares individuals to perform the duties of administrative assistants and/or secretaries and st

enographers. Includes instruction in business communications, principles of business law, word processing and data entry, office machines operation and maintenance, office procedures, public relations, secretarial accounting, filing systems and records management, and report preparation.

Air Transportation

A program that focuses on the general study of aviation and the aviation industry, including in-flight and ground support

operations. Includes instruction in the technical, business, and general aspects of air transportation systems.

Allied Health Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions

A program that prepares individuals to learn the skills needed to become a Cardiovascular Technologist, Electrocardiograph

Technician, Electroneurodiagnostic Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, Nuclear Medical Technologist, Perfusionist, Radiation Therapist, Respiratory Care Therapist, Surgical Technologist, Anesthesiologist Assistant, Sonographer, Radiographer, Physician Assistant, Athletic Trainer, Genetic Therapist, Genetic Counselor, Cardiopulmonary Technologist or Health Physics Technician.


Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present.

To understand the full sweep and complexity of cultures across all of human history.

Associate in Science (AS)

The AS degree is designed for transfer to a four-year institution and forms the basis for many career options and majors.

The student must select courses which provide the best preparation for transfer in a particular major field at a specific senior institution.

Associate of Arts

Courses in these liberal arts degree programs parallel those offered in the first two years at four-year baccalaureate deg

ree institutions, and credits earned in selected courses are readily transferable.

Autobody/Collision and Repair Technology/Technician

A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, reconstruct and finish automobile b

odies, fenders, and external features. Includes instruction in structure analysis, damage repair, non-structural analysis, mechanical and electrical components, plastics and adhesives, painting and refinishing techniques, and damage analysis and estimating.

Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/Technician

A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, service, and maintain all types of

automobiles. Includes instruction in brake systems, electrical systems, engine performance, engine repair, suspension and steering, automatic and manual transmissions and drive trains, and heating and air conditioning systems.

Biology Technician/Biotechnology Laboratory Technician

A program that prepares individuals to apply scientific principles and technical skills in support of biologists and biote

chnologists in research, industrial, and government settings. Includes instruction in fermentation technology, cell culturing, protein purification, biologic synthesis, assaying and testing, quality control, industrial microbiology, bioprocessing, chromatography and bioseparation, genetic technology, laboratory and hazardous materials safety, and computer applications.

Business Administration, Management and Operations

A program that generally prepares individuals to plan, organize, direct, and control the functions and processes of a firm

or organization. Includes instruction in management theory, human resources management and behavior, accounting and other quantitative methods, purchasing and logistics, organization and production, marketing, and business decision-making.

Business/Corporate Communications

A program that prepares individuals to function in an organization as a composer, editor and proofreader of business or bu

siness-related communications.

Cardiovascular Technology/Technologist

A program that prepares individuals to perform invasive, noninvasive, and peripheral examinations of the cardiovascular sy

stem at the request of physicians to aid in diagnoses and therapeutic treatments. Includes instruction in reviewing and recording patient histories and clinical data; patient care; investigative and examination procedures; diagnostic procedures; data analysis and documentation; physician consultation; equipment operation and monitoring; and professional standards and ethics.

Clinical/Medical Laboratory Science and Allied Professions

A program that prepares individuals to take on jobs such as: blood bank specialist, cytotechnologist, hematology Technicia

n, Clinical/Medical Lab Technician, Clinical Lab Science/Medical Technologist, Opthalmic Lab Technician, Histotechnologist, Pathologist Assistant, Histologic Technician, Phlebotomist, Clinical Genetics Technologist, or Renal/Dialysis Technician.

Computer and Information Sciences General

A general program that focuses on computing, computer science, and information science and systems as part of a broad and/

or interdisciplinary program. Such programs are undifferentiated as to title and content and are not to be confused with specific programs in computer science, information science, or related support services.

Computer Programming

A program that focuses on the general writing and implementation of generic and customized programs to drive operating sys

tems and that generally prepares individuals to apply the methods and procedures of software design and programming to software installation and maintenance. Includes instruction in software design, low- and high-level languages and program writing; program customization and linking; prototype testing; troubleshooting; and related aspects of operating systems and networks.

Computer Science

A general program that focuses on computers, computing problems and solutions, and the design of computer systems and user

interfaces from a scientific perspective. Includes instruction in the principles of computational science, and computing theory; computer hardware design; computer development and programming; and applications to a variety of end-use situations.

Computer Software and Media Applications

A program that prepares individuals to apply HTML, XML, Javascript, graphics applications, and other authoring tools to th

e design, editing, and publishing (launching) of documents, images, graphics, sound, and multimedia products on the World Wide Web. Includes instruction in Internet theory; web page standards and policies; elements of web page design; user interfaces; vector tools; special effects; interactive and multimedia components; search engines; navigation; morphing; e-commerce tools; and emerging web technologies.

Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications

A program that focuses on the design, implementation, and management of linked systems of computers, peripherals, and asso

ciated software to maximize efficiency and productivity, and that prepares individuals to function as network specialists and managers at various levels. Includes instruction in operating systems and applications; systems design and analysis; networking theory and solutions; types of networks; network management and control; network and flow optimization; security; configuring; and troubleshooting.

Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management

A program that prepares individuals to manage the computer operations and control the system configurations emanating from

a specific site or network hub. Includes instruction in computer hardware and software and applications; local area (LAN) and wide area (WAN) networking; principles of information systems security; disk space and traffic load monitoring; data backup; resource allocation; and setup and takedown procedures.

Cooking and Related Culinary Arts, General

A program that focuses on the general study of the cooking and related culinary arts, and that may prepare individuals for

a variety of jobs within the food service industry. Includes instruction in food preparation; cooking techniques; equipment operation and maintenance; sanitation and safety; communication skills; applicable regulations; and principles of food service management.

Criminal Justice & Corrections

A program that prepares individuals to study the theories and principles, of correctional science and to function as profe

ssional corrections officers and other workers in public and/or private incarceration facilities. A program that prepares individuals to apply theories and practices of criminal justice to structuring, managing, directing and controlling criminal justice agencies, including police departments, sheriff's departments, law enforcement divisions and units, and private protective services.

Criminal Justice/Police Science

A program that prepares individuals to perform the duties of police and public security officers, including patrol and inv

estigative activities, traffic control, crowd control and public relations, witness interviewing, evidence collection and management, basic crime prevention methods, weapon and equipment operation and maintenance, report preparation and other routine law enforcement responsibilities.

Data Entry/Microcomputer Applications

A program that generally prepares individuals to perform basic data and text entry using standard and customized software

products. Includes instruction in keyboarding skills, personal computer and work station operation, reading draft texts and raw data forms, audio and tape dictation, and various interactive software programs used for tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and others.

Data Processing

A program that prepares individuals to master and use computer software programs and applications for inputting, verifying

, organizing, storing, retrieving, transforming (changing, updating, and deleting), and extracting information. Includes instruction in using various operating system configurations and in types of data entry such as word processing, spreadsheets, calculators, management programs, design programs, database programs, and research programs.

Design and Applied Arts

A program in the applied visual arts that focuses on the general principles and techniques for effectively communicating i

deas and information, and packaging products, in digital and other formats to business and consumer audiences, and that may prepare individuals in any of the applied art media.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician

A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of physicians, to utilize medical ultrasound techniques to gath

er sonographic data used to diagnose a variety of conditions and diseases. Includes instruction in obtaining, reviewing, and integrating patient histories and data; patient instruction and care; anatomic, physiologic and pathologic data recording; sonographic data processing; sonography equipment operation; and professional standards and ethics.

Diesel Mechanics Technology/Technician

A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to repair, service, and maintain diesel engine

s in vehicles such as automobiles, buses, ships, trucks, railroad locomotives, and construction equipment; as well as stationary diesel engines in electrical generators and related equipment.

Early Childhood Education and Child Care

The Early Childhood Care & Education program prepares individuals to teach and care for children from birth through ag

e 8. Students learn how to design, manage, and apply age appropriate programming for young children. Persons who complete the degree may seek employment in early childhood/preschool programs, child care centers, and independently run in-home child care programs.

Electrical and Power Transmission Installers

A program that generally prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to install indoor and outdoor reside

ntial, commercial, and industrial electrical systems, and associated power transmission lines. Includes instruction in electricity, safety procedures, wiring, insulation and grounding, schematic blueprint interpretation, equipment operation and maintenance, and applicable codes and standards. A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to install, operate, maintain and repair local, long-distance, and rural electric power cables and communication lines; erect and construct pole and tower lines; and install underground lines and cables. Includes instruction in cable installation and repair, fiber-optic technology, trenching, mobile equipment and crane operation, high-voltage installations, maintenance and inspection, safety, remote communications, and applicable codes and standards.

Electrical/Electronics Maintenance and Repair Technology

A program that generally prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to operate, maintain, and repair ele

ctrical and electronic equipment. Includes instruction in electrical circuitry, simple gearing, linkages and lubrication of machines and appliances, and the use of testing equipment.

Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic)

A program that prepares individuals, under the remote supervision of physicians, to recognize, assess, and manage medical

emergencies in prehospital settings and to supervise Ambulance personnel. Includes instruction in basic, intermediate, and advanced EMT procedures; emergency surgical procedures; medical triage; rescue operations; crisis scene management and personnel supervision; equipment operation and maintenance; patient stabilization, monitoring, and care; drug administration; identification and preliminary diagnosis of diseases and injuries; communication and computer operations; basic anatomy, physiology, pathology, and toxicology; and professional standards and regulations.

Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

A program that generally prepares individuals to perform development, marketing and management functions associated with o

wning and operating a business.

Finance and Financial Management Services

A program that generally prepares individuals to plan, manage, and analyze the financial and monetary aspects and performa

nce of business enterprises, banking institutions, or other organizations...

General Sales, Merchandising and Related Marketing Operations

A program that focuses on the general process and techniques of direct wholesale and retail buying and selling operations

and introduces individuals to related careers. Includes instruction in the principles of entrepreneurial economics, basic sales skills, the distribution channels for goods and services, and supervised practical application experiences.


A program that focuses on the human aging process and aged human populations, using the knowledge and methodologies of the

social sciences, psychology and the biological and health sciences.

Graphic Communications

A program that generally prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills in the manufacture and distribution

or transmission of graphic communications products. Includes instruction in the prepress, press, and postpress phases of production operations and processes such as offset lithography, flexography, gravure, letterpress, screen printing, foil stamping, digital imaging, and other reproduction methods.

Health and Medical Administrative Services

A program that prepares individuals to develop, plan, and manage health care operations and services within health care fa

cilities and across health care systems. Includes instruction in planning, business management, financial management, public relations, human resources management, health care systems operation and management, health care resource allocation and policy making, health law and regulations, and applications to specific types of health care services.

Health and Physical Education/Fitness

A general program that focuses on activities and principles that promote physical fitness, achieve and maintain athletic p

rowess, and accomplish related research and service goals. Includes instruction in human movement studies, motivation studies, rules and practice of specific sports, exercise and fitness principles and techniques, basic athletic injury prevention and treatment, and organizing and leading fitness and sports programs.

Health/Medical Preparatory Programs

Pre-: Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary, and Nursing Studies

Hospitality Administration/Management

A program that prepares individuals to serve as general managers and directors of hospitality operations on a system-wide

basis, including both travel arrangements and promotion and the provision of traveler facilities. Includes instruction in principles of operations in the travel and tourism, hotel and lodging facilities, food services, and recreation facilities industries; hospitality marketing strategies; hospitality planning; management and coordination of franchise and unit operations; business management; accounting and financial management; hospitality transportation and logistics; and hospitality industry policies and regulations.

Human Services, General

A program that focuses on the general study and provision of human and social services to individuals and communities and

prepares individuals to work in public and private human services agencies and organizations. Includes instruction in the social sciences, psychology, principles of social service, human services policy, planning and evaluation, social services law and administration, and applications to particular issues, services, localities, and populations.

Information Science/Studies

A program that focuses on the theory, organization, and process of information collection, transmission, and utilization i

n traditional and electronic forms. Includes instruction in information classification and organization; information storage and processing; transmission, transfer, and signaling; communications and networking; systems planning and design; human interfacing and use analysis; database development; information policy analysis; and related aspects of hardware, software, economics, social factors, and capacity.

Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities

General instructional programs and independent or individualized studies in the liberal arts subjects, the humanities disc

iplines and the general curriculum.

Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse Training (LPN, LVN, CER)

A program that prepares individuals to assist in providing general nursing care under the direction of a registered nurse,

physician or dentist. Includes instruction in taking patient vital signs, applying sterile dressings, patient health education and assistance with examinations and treatment.

Management Information Systems and Services

A program that generally prepares individuals to provide and manage data systems and related facilities for processing and

retrieving internal business information; select systems and train personnel; and respond to external data requests. Includes instruction in cost and accounting information systems, management control systems, personnel information systems, data storage and security, business systems networking, report preparation, computer facilities and equipment operation and maintenance, operator supervision and training, and management information systems policy and planning.


A program that generally prepares individuals to undertake and manage the process of developing consumer audiences and mov

ing products from producers to consumers. Includes instruction in buyer behavior and dynamics, principle of marketing research, demand analysis, cost-volume and profit relationships, pricing theory, marketing campaign and strategic planning, market segments, advertising methods, sales operations and management, consumer relations, retailing, and applications to specific products and markets.


Mathematics programs emphasize problem-solving techniques and the appropriate use of technology, both computer and graphin

g calculator-based, throughout its wide range of course offerings. Whether in science, engineering, statistics, business, health careers, education, or any other field that requires quantitative literacy, the mathematics offerings are designed to prepare students to become creative problem solvers.

Medical Coding

This online program prepares students for entry-level positions in the healthcare industry performing medical coding and p

rocessing health care insurance claims. Upon completion of the program, students will be eligible to write for a national examination. Job openings are available in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and health insurance companies, just to name a few.

Medical Laboratory Technology

A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of clinical laboratory scientists/medical technologists, to per

form routine medical laboratory procedures and tests and to apply preset strategies to record and analyze data. Includes instruction in general laboratory procedures and skills; laboratory mathematics; medical computer applications; interpersonal and communications skills; and the basic principles of hematology; medical microbiology; immunohematology; immunology; clinical chemistry, and urinalysis.

Medical Radiologic Technology/Science-Radiation Therapist

A program that prepares individuals to administer prescribed courses of radiation treatment, manage patients undergoing ra

diation therapy, and maintain pertinent records. Includes instruction in applied anatomy and physiology, oncologic pathology, radiation biology, radiation oncology procedures and techniques, radiation dosimetry, tumor localization, treatment planning, patient communication and management, data collection, record-keeping, and applicable standards and regulations.

Medical/Clinical Assistant

A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of physicians, to provide medical office administrative service

s and perform clinical duties including patient intake and care, routine diagnostic and recording procedures, pre-examination and examination assistance, and the administration of medications and first aid. Includes instruction in basic anatomy and physiology; medical terminology; medical law and ethics; patient psychology and communications; medical office procedures; and clinical diagnostic, examination, testing, and treatment procedures.


A general program that focuses on the introductory study and appreciation of music and the performing arts.

Includes instruction in music, dance, and other performing arts media.

Nurse/Nursing Assistant/Aide and Patient Care Assistant

A program that prepares individuals to perform routine nursing-related services to patients in hospitals or long-term care

facilities, under the training and supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse.


A program that generally prepares individuals in the knowledge, techniques and procedures for promoting health, providing

care for sick, disabled, informed, or other individuals or groups. Includes instruction in the administration of medication and treatments, assisting a physician during treatments and examinations, Referring patients to physicians and other health care specialists, and planning education for health maintenance.

Radiologic Technology/Science Radiographer

A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of physicians, to provide medical imaging services to patients

and attending health care professionals. Includes instruction in applied anatomy and physiology, patient positioning, radiographic technique, radiation biology, safety and emergency procedures, equipment operation and maintenance, quality assurance, patient education, and medical imaging/radiologic services management.

Renewable Resources and Alternative Energy Science

This program is designed to provide the necessary background principles, concepts and practical laboratory experience to e

nter the field of power engineering or assume a position in the building or small plant operation and maintenance areas.

Respiratory Care Therapy/Therapist

A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of physicians, to assist in developing respiratory care plans,

administer respiratory care procedures, supervise personnel and equipment operation, maintain records, and consult with other health care team members. Includes instruction in the applied basic biomedical sciences; anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the respiratory system; clinical medicine; therapeutic procedures; clinical expressions; data collection and record-keeping; patient communication; equipment operation and maintenance; personnel supervision; and procedures for special population groups.

Science Technologies/Technicians. Other

Any instructional program in physics science technologies.

Social Work

A program that prepares individuals for the professional practice of social welfare administration and counseling, and tha

t focus on the study of organized means of providing basic support services for vulnerable individuals and groups. Includes instruction in social welfare policy; case work planning; social counseling and intervention strategies; administrative procedures and regulations; and specific applications in areas such as child welfare and family services, probation, employment services, and disability counseling.

Technical and Business Writing

A program that focuses on the theory, methods, and skills needed for writing and editing scientific, technical and busines

s papers and monographs.


The Associate in Arts degree in Theatre is available to those students who wish to specialize in the Theatrical Arts.

This degree program provides a sound basis for understanding the theory and practice of the theatrical arts and offers opportunities for experience through a curriculum of pre- professional training in theory, performance, and production.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Technologies

Autobody/Collision and Repair Technician, Mechanic Technician, Engineering Technician, Diesel Mechanic Technician, Small E

ngine Mechanic, Airframe and Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Aircraft Powerplant Technician, Avionics Maintenance Technician, Bicycle Mechanics, Motorcycle Mechanics, Vehicle Emissions Inspectors, Medium/Heavy Vehicle & Truck Technician, Alternative Fuel Vehicle Technician and Engine Machinist.

Web Technology Web Design

A web programmer translates the requirements of end-users and internal clients into a functional product.

These programmers know how to make a computer do what people want it to do. They assess the technical parameters of a project, decide how to approach the work, and carry it out. Programming requires highly creative, perceptual thinking with an ability to see what people want and the ability to generate a conceptual solution without seeing the actual product.

Welding Technology/Welder

A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to join or cut metal surfaces.

Includes instruction in arc welding, resistance welding, brazing and soldering, cutting, high-energy beam welding and cutting, solid state welding, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, oxidation-reduction reactions, welding metallurgy, welding processes and heat treating, structural design, safety, and applicable codes and standards.